Welcome to Easy Legal México

The Yucatan Peninsula offers a multitude of business, real estate and personal opportunities. Having the right team of professionals and advisors at your side and available to you will greatly increase your odds of a successful outcome.

We provide a wide and comprehensive range of services and a staff of diverse specialists ready to assist you in your business ventures in Mexico.

Experience, Knowledge and Follow-Through

Whether you are buying a property, starting a new development, applying for a visa, or dealing with the legal issues of an existing business… whatever the endeavor you are facing, our team has the experience and knowledge in Mexico to understand the issues. We know how to analyze the situation and then present you with your options. We are also careful about following through with the necessary services to get the business done.

Professional Expertise and Personal Attention

We understand how difficult it can be sometimes to understand and excel in business dealings in a country where the laws and customs are different. We pride ourselves on providing our clients wtih both the sophistication and professional expertise they are accustomed in their own countries, while maintaining a level of personal attention, cost efficiency and follow through that is often ignored by larger law firms.

We believe that with our special attributes, we can offer clients the type of legal security and comfort that they want and need to be successful in their activities in Mexico.


Real Estate Law

  • Due Diligence
  • Title Search
  • Contracts
  • Closing
  • Fideicomiso set up
  • Corporatio set up
  • Notary Public Services

Easy Legal for Real Estate Companies

Easy Legal Mexico born with the idea of being an ally for the real estate companies, providing them with the necessary tools, so they can focus entirely on the sales area and leave the legal matter in our hands.

Corporate Law

We offer of full range of corporate law services including setting up corporations, partnerships, non-profit and charitable organizations, registration of minutes and minutes book maintenance, annual and extraordinary meetings, board meetings and minutes, granting of powers of attorney, government filings and permits, as well as any other administrative assistance needed to maintain a Mexican corporation in good standing.


Want to be in Mexico for more than allowed 180 days Tourist visa? EASY LEGAL MEXICO can guide you step by step to obtanin your Immigration visas, certificates and permissions. You will only have to provide us with the required documents, the rest will be done by us.

Environmental Law

The environmental impact study is an assessment done, in the lots located on the coast or that are surround by vegetation and wildlife, by a biologist that will indicate among other things, what you can or can´t build in your property (or the property you are planning to buy) based on the location, vegetation and wild life found on the lot, etc.


Our department of translations can help you to get your documents in the require language and legalize them, either with a notary´s stamp or with the apostille. This can save you time and money, by avoiding unnecessary trips and new documents, that are basically the same ones that you already have but in a different language.


If you are forming a corporation or plan to start doing business in the country, is important to have a good accountant by your side to advice you and guide you through the complicate tax law regulations.


Litigation is a difficult and scary thing to do in any country of the world and in Easy Legal we can help you get through it, in the most efficient and professional way. Although we can´t avoid the hassle that the action itself represents, we can advise you in the best way to proceed, and most of all, to give you an honest opinion in whether is in your best interest to initiate an action or continue one, sometimes a good negotiation can solve the problem.

Digital File

For easy legal Mexico the most important thing is the relationship with our clients. In order to improve and keep a healthy relationship is important to open channels of communications, so the clients can have access to an advisor and their documents at any moment and in any place.